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Brass Flourish
July 27th and 28th, Richmond, CA - ALL AGES

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SwingGoth | Steam Federation | Craneway Pavilion

Swing Goth - The Producers

For over five years, Swing Goth has been hosting events in the Bay Area and beyond!

Past events include:

  • Steamstock 2012 ( of course! )
  • The Bowie Ball
  • SF Tim Burton Ball
  • NYC Tim Burton Ball
  • The Ball of Justice
  • Gaiman vs. Moore
  • and many other fantastic events

Swing Goth has also been named Best of the Bay by the San Francisco Bay Gaurdian, and have been honored with over 20 picks of the week and feature stories in local papers like SF Weekly, The Oakland Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle and national publications like The New York Times, New York Post and Gothic Beauty.

They run a weekly night focused on Retro Futurism with a Steampunk LARP, dance lessons, and both Steampunk and Boom Swing music throughout the evening! More information can be found here:

Videos from past events are on YouTube here:

Steam Federation - The Crew

The Steam Federation recently hosted Clockwork Alchemy in conjunction with FanimeCon. They are the largest active open-membership Steampunk group in the Bay Area.

The organization was founded by and currently comprises an increasingly diverse group of individuals, ranging from artisans to engineers. Together they embrace the Steampunk community's cultural breadth and celebrate our mutual love of the genre. As an open-membership group, the Steam Federation happily encourages all fans of Steampunk and related interests to become members.

For more information, please visit or join the Facebook group at

Craneway Pavilion - The Venue

The Craneway features a soaring industrial-chic interior, breathtaking waterfront views, and state of the art infrastructure. The venue has its own dock and is located on the Bay, with its own pier and giant glass windows to maximize the view!

1414 Harbour Way South
Richmond, CA 94804

Located in the historic Ford Assembly Building at Ford Point, the space was designed by legendary 20th century industrial architect Albert Kahn. Today, the Craneway's extraordinary setting and jaw-dropping views of the San Francisco skyline are matched only by the staggering number of programming options and space configurations both inside and out.

A spectacular indoor-outdoor environment, landmark architecture, state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities set the stage for cultural events, public gatherings and private affairs as unforgettable as the San Francisco Bay Area itself.

For more information:

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