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Brass Flourish
July 27th and 28th, Richmond, CA - ALL AGES
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Steamstock Vendors

See below just a few of the glorious vendors joining us at Steamstock! Stay tuned for more. Vendor's tables are sold out, but there are still booths available. Acquire a booth to vend your art at Steamstock!

Kickstarter Vendors
Steamy Tech
Lucrezia's Delight/Eyescream Jewelry
B. Coole
Leather and Gears
Dr Brassys Steampunk
The Machine Within
Steampunk Garage
Salamander Feltworks
Chimera Charms
Maria Berry Enterprises
Steampunk Bastards
Period Pieces & Aetherphones
Splendid Colors
Velvet Otterhound
Butterfly Frillies
House of Steampunk
Mejia Arts
HTK Envisions
ChronoSteam Designs
Ruxton Designs
Wiredrawn Creations
Hats Buy Grace
Alchemical Ornamenta
Volcano Lady
Col. James Von Sigfried's Steamy Bits and Pieces
Ladies of Steampunk
Gryffin's Croft
Oaktown Jerk
Metal Weave Designs
Wicked Smileys
Steampunk TinTypes
Holzer & Combe Haberdashery

Food Trucks on site to Keep you Fed!



Have a food truck you would like to bring on site for the event? Send an email to

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