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July 27th and 28th, Richmond, CA - ALL AGES
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Hail Steampunk Vendors!

The information you have anxiously awaited is here!

We are now accepting applications for our fantasmagorical vendor hall, home to gadgets, gizmos, geewhizzikers and glorious garmentry!

If you want to vend at Steamstock 2013 on July 27th and 28th, follow these simple steps:

Step One:

Decide how big a booth you would like. Your choices are:

  • 10' x 10' for $225 (includes power, 1 ticket to the event, up to two more weekend passes may be purchased for $30 each - if purchased at the same time as the vendor registration, which will be about 25% off of the public price.)
  • 6 foot table for $100 (includes 1 ticket to the event, no power available.)
Booths DO NOT include:
  • Table (rental available for $48 undraped or bring your own displays)
  • Specialty backdrops ( pegboards, etc. )
    - Rentals are available through Rossi Expo. Contact info will be provided once payment for the booth is received.
Tables DO NOT include:
  • Power drop

Step Two:

To register send an email to which includes:

  • Your contact information (name, address, email, phone number, etc.
  • What you plan to sell (submit up to 6 images on a word document, pdf or powerpoint. We are no longer accepting webpage or Etsy listings. It is up to you to showcase your most Steampunk items).
  • Size of booth you would like to have.

Step Three:

Once you get a reply email confirming your acceptance you will be given instructions on how to pay and you will be sent a booth agreement which you must sign and return or bring with you to the event. Paying early allows you to work with the planning people on the location of your booth within the vendor hall.


  • How can I be sure to get a booth? When you submit images make sure they are clear and represent your best work. Once accepted pay promptly.
  • Can I share a booth? Yes, but only one person needs to register with Steamstock. No more than three (3) vendors may share a booth (see pricing for extra badges on Step 1).
  • Do I need a CA sellers permit? Yes. At the minimum you need a temporary license which lists Craneway Pavilion as the site. If you already own a CA seller's permit you need a site permit for the Craneway for the duration of the event. The address is: 1414 Harbour Way South, Marina District, Richmond, CA 94804. We will ask for a photocopy of your permit at the event so be prepared.
  • How do I get or add to a permit? The fine folks at the Bureau of Equalization are there to help either on-line or on the phone.
  • Can I decorate my booth? Yes. The table space or booth space is yours. You MAY NOT extend into the walkways or your neighbor's space. The Craneway is glass along the wall facing the bay and the western exposure. Pop up shelters are allowed so long as you secure the footing so they don't move and you make sure the uprights are highly visible.
  • Can I sell weapons? Real ones? No. Steampunked non-lethal, non-functional replicas, sure. Leave the real guns at home please.
  • Can I email you 500 times with questions? Sure, some might even end up here on the FAQ if you do.
  • When can I show up to set up my booth? Details will be shared closer to the event along with answers to security and total open hours.

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